Frequently asked questions

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Do you require a contract, or can I cancel at any time?

The only agreement that we ask you to sign outlines in clear and simple language what you would like for us to do, and what we ask in return. You may cancel your service with us at any time.

Do you work out monthly payment plans?

Yes. You can choose your level of service and investment with your website and campaigns. We normally accept half of the payment at the start and end of work, but we’re willing to accept partial payments for some services in increments of $250.

How are you different from other digital marketing companies?

With Web Semiotics, you can pay just one company for your web hosting, website creation and maintenance, search marketing, and performance tracking. We also maintain an unwavering commitment to a beautiful end-product.

Can you provide custom services?

We write in HTML, CSS, and PHP. If you need a custom solution, like an online restaurant menu or integrated shipping services in your ecommerce store, we will find a solution or create one on the spot.